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SubFinder by Tuğrul Ertürk

What is SubFinder?

  • SubFinder is an automated subjectivity level detector for environmental studies articles. It was created as a part of master's thesis in University of Granada in 2017
  • It uses SentiWordNet, Opinion Lexicon and a custom rules set to determine the subjectivity levels.
  • Detailed explanation and the source code can be accessed here, on my personal GitHub Page.

How it Works?

  • The application takes one article using the upload form. Then executes the algorithm and provides the results. The detailed explanation of it can be found in this theis (Link will be inserted upon the successful thesis defense)

Known Bugs

  • As indicated in the thesis result section, the sentence level results aren't accurate. A better sentence evaluation method will be implemented in the future updates.


  • First and foremost, I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor, Dr. Pamela Faber Benitez, for her continuous support and guidance throughout this thesis process. Her experience and visionary approach made this work possible. Without her, I would never have finished this thesis. I am also extremely grateful to Claire Marie Peeters for her help and support. Lastly, I would like to thank my family as well as my classmates, whose support helped me immensely in this process.
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